International Relations for General Studies Preliminary and Main Examination Paperback – 20 April 2019

  • Author: Pavneet Singh
  • Published By: Mc Graw Hill
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International Relations for General Studies Preliminary and Main Examination is a thought provoking textbook that comprehensively covers every aspect of India's foreign policy in an analytical manner. The book interrogates the simplistic yet powerful geopolitical narratives on India's foreign relations with the entire world. Written by a leading instructor of International Relations, it is engaging, stimulating and forward-looking, and covers all the aspects that the students require to qualify the Civil Services examination. Based on extensive field interviews of serving diplomats and serving intelligence officials, this book is the first of its kind.

Salient Features:

• Entire syllabus coverage for General Studies UPSC and State Services (both Prelims and Mains)

• Analytical insights on India’s foreign policy

• The book follows a three-step methodology for cognition building:

✔Step 1: Each region’s relationship with India begins with a study of India’s historical foreign relations with the region.

✔Step 2: The episteme is now used to explore the study of India's bilateral diplomatic relations with states in the regions.

✔Step 3: The enlightenment is concluded with an analysis of dominant current macro issues confronting the region.

• Includes 400+ diagrams and 100+ case studies to enhance overall learning

• Every chapter begins with an analytical survey of diplomatic background and covers diplomatic relations up to present times.

• Only textbook for UPSC preparation dealing with answer forming methodology by means of directive words.

• Prelims Capsule at the end of the book to enable the readers quickly revise before the exams.

• One of the only textbooks for UPSC preparation that offers the readers an opportunity to get their answers evaluated by the author for analytical feedback

Pavneet Singh:--

Pavneet Singh is an instructor at Vajiram and Ravi IAS Institute, New Delhi, where he is associated with teaching International Relations and Security Issues. His areas of expertise include Current Affairs, Foreign Policy and Matters of Domestic and External Security. He is the author of a bestselling book International Relations for Civil Services examination.

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